Top 3 trending nft card games in 2022

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Top 3 trending nft card games in 2022

If you love playing card games, I think you need to take it to another level. Gone are the days when people play card games for fun alone. But nowadays, the gaming industry does not relentlessly contribute massively to the world’s growth and development. These days, games have gone beyond having fun. People make money from playing games. The innovations in the game industry expand to every aspect of gaming.

Do you know that you can play and earn while playing adventure games and also play and earn playing pegaxy too? As adventure games are ruling the world, nft card games are also doing well. Nft games are not only taking over the blockchain space without increasing their followers. So, part of the nft gaming industry’s plan is to find a way to retain their existing followers and get new ones. Then, they spread their tentacles to every aspect of games. For instance, if you love football, there are nft football games. Also, if you love card games, there are nft card games. That’s good news for card game lovers.

Are you a card game lover? Are you looking for a card game to compensate you with something profound and tangible? You’re in the right place. Here, I will explain nft card games that will pay you with digital assets you can exchange or convert to money. It is not impossible. And I am not bringing something new. The games I’ll be talking about here are games that exist. The only thing here is that I did thorough research to bring out the best of the rest. 

Top 3 trending nft card games in 2022

There are several nft games. But not all of them are card games. And not all nft card games are play-to-earn games. Therefore, I urge you to pay attention and follow me closely. But before I proceed, I want us to talk about what nft games entail. Why do you need to know the meaning of nft games? There’s a need for background knowledge. Moreover, you need complete information on what you want to do. 

What are nft games? 

Nft games are games connected with blockchain technology. With their connections with blockchain technology, players can play these video games and earn tangible rewards. Now, how possible is that? The relationships between blockchain technology and the nft gaming world make it possible for gamers to trade their in-game digital assets on the blockchain marketplace. Of course, the exchange will be with users with the same digital assets. The digital assets could be in the form of real estate, coins, and skins. So, now, gamers can play games and earn NFTs or crypto coins that can be traded with other users with the same currency or non-fungible tokens. 

Who are those that are eligible to play these games? Of course, adults. Any adults that love to play games in their leisure time can enjoy the benefits of nft games. In this article, my focus is to pick out the best nft card games. 

Top 3 trending nft card games in 2022

Top 3 popular nft card games

  1. Sorare: Sorare is a soccer card game. This unique nft game is strictly meant for football lovers. If you’re a fan of the football world and you like playing card games, you need to know more about Sorare. Sorare is a fantasy football nft game. Furthermore, Sorare is on the ETH blockchain like Axie Infinity. In this game, players can partake in missions and fight battles with the best tactics in the world. Players’ goal in this unique game is to create a strong deck and organize their cards against opponents. Hence, only the team that performs excellently will be rewarded. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to playing nft card games and love football, you can choose to play Sorare. I assure you, you won’t regret playing this game. Do you need more information on Sorare? Click here.   
  1. Splinterlands: Another trending nft card game ruling the game industry is the Splinterlands. Today, I can assure you that people make money daily on Splinterlands. This unique nft game is a card game that is payable on HIVE. This fantastic game permits players to use the free demo to have an idea about the gameplay. Then, if a player decides to commence the real deal, the player must pay $10 for a beginner’s kit. That way, players can begin to look for their favorite card packs. One great piece of news here is that players can purchase cards. Also, players can trade cards with other players in the NFT marketplace. Splinterlands is cross-compatible in several blockchains. This implies that players can transact with other players on several marketplaces. What does Splinterlands use? This fantastic card game uses DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) as its in-game token. So, to obtain DEC, you must win high-ranked games. One can also visit the game’s store to purchase assets through Dark Energy Crystals. 
  1. Gods Unchained: How can I list the three trending nft card games without including Gods Unchained. This unique game is the top card game contending with Axie Infinity in the blockchain space. Gods Unchained operates on Immutable X AND ETH blockchain. One fantastic thing about this game is that it’s a good card game for strategist game lovers. Gods Unchained helps to build one’s thinking and intelligence skills. If you play this game according to its rule, you will earn flux. Flux is a unique tool if players plan to increase their card value. This non-fungible token card game is its “Forge” mechanism. This allows players to join two same core cards. Also, you need to spend your flux to obtain a more powerful card. The good news is that if you produce high-quality cards, you can sell them in the marketplace and get some money. That’s good news. For more info, you can visit

On a final note

Dear card game lovers, make sure you play any of the above-explained nft games. You need to make a difference now that you have the direction of where to go. Lastly, do you have a question regarding this topic? You can drop your question in the comment box.