Playing Axie Infinity

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Playing Axie Infinity

You’ll find the Adventure and Arena modes, as well as the leaderboards, fight log, your buddy list, and settings, on the right-hand side of the main menu while you play axie infinity.

Your name is shown at the top left of the screen, with your daily objectives and the amount of energy you now have. Energy is crucial since it allows you to participate in an Adventure/Arena combat. The play axie infinity ability to gain experience points (EXPs) in Adventure as well as prizes in Arena is also required. The amount of energy you can store depends on the number of Axies you have. Every day at midnight UTC, the energy is replenished.

Axies may be found in the section below. There, you can view the stats of your Axies, such as their level, health, speed, skills, morale, and the various components of the Axie – remember how we discussed above how the different elements of the Axie effect the cards that are accessible for that particular creature? In addition, the # represents the Axie’s ID.

The modes Adventure and Arena make up the majority of the game’s overall gameplay. In Adventure, you’re on a journey to battle and defeat a variety of enemies distributed throughout 36 levels known as Ruins — completing this quest gets you around 50 SLP every day.

Playing Axie Infinity

SLP may be obtained through Farming, which is essentially the practice of receiving rewards for accomplishing daily activities such as winning 10 fights in Adventure mode and 5 bouts in Arena game, amongst other things. Depending on how quickly you complete these tasks, you may earn up to 25 SLP every day.

Both modes are comprised of opponents taking turns planning and executing their respective assaults. Below you will find a row of cards that you will utilize to form a combination and launch an assault against your adversary. After you’ve arranged your card combination, press “End Turn” to launch your assault. There are a variety of methods you may devise, as well as various Axies you can deploy in your squad.

Your SLP may be claimed when you have completed your daily missions, which can be found in the Quests area.

When playing in the Arena mode, on the other hand, you’ll be battling against other players’ Axies, and each player will get SLP according on how much MMR they have (Matchmaking Rating).

The player with the greatest MMR receives the largest payout, which may go up to 21 SLPs each victory. To access Arena mode from the main menu, choose it from the drop-down menu. You will be paired with another online player to begin the fight.

If you win, you’ll get between 15 and 20 trophies, but if you lose, you’ll receive the same number of trophies back.

The second option to get money is to breed Axies with your friends. Every creature has distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the rest.

The process of breeding, on the other hand, is not without cost. In exchange for it, Axie will charge you SLP and AXS — the costs vary depending on how many times the Axie has been bred; it can only be bred a total of seven times before becoming infertile.

Go to and enter the number of breeds you want to produce to find out how much it will cost to breed your Axie. The total cost will be calculated automatically.

Of course, the degree of your Axies’ characteristics, such as purity, body parts, and rarity, will determine the worth of your Axies. Some Axies are sold for hundreds, if not tens of thousands of dollars, depending on their rarity. The most expensive Axie was sold for 300 ETH in October, which was around $250,000 at the time of the sale.

You may sell your Axies on the Axie Marketplace if you don’t want to keep them. First and foremost, you’ll need to link your Ronin wallet to your account.

Playing Axie Infinity

Final Remarks

As a result of its success, Axie Infinity has shown that gamers can make money while having a good time. It has risen to become the most popular P2E Metaverse/NFT game in the history of cryptocurrency, attracting millions of monthly active players to its servers. Incorporating blockchain technology into the community provides transparency and security, and when paired with NFTs, it offers a flourishing ecosystem where DLT gaming and other forms of entertainment coexist together.

In terms of the cryptocurrency industry, investors are placing their bets on play-to-earn gaming as one of the hottest areas in the year 2021. Based on the market’s response to Axie Infinity, the gaming business may perform well in 2022, according to predictions.

At the time of writing, the price of Axie Infinity was $71.44, representing a 20 percent increase over the previous day’s closing price. The stock has a daily trading volume of $2 billion and a market value of $4.3 billion. An estimated total quantity of 270 million AXS coins is in circulation, with an estimated circulating supply of 60.9 million coins.

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based trade and battle game in which players own and run a portion of the company.

Axie Infinity is a game inspired by famous games such as Pokémon and Tamagotchi in which players nurture, breed, combat, and trade token-based animals known as Axies. The game is similar to the popular games Pokémon and Tamagotchi.

The future of Axie Infinity is bright.

Axie Infinity will continue to lead the way in capturing attention and highlighting the potential of P2E in the year 2022, as the protocol prepares for its next major launch. • As a result, a major development has been underway to bolster Axie Infinity ‘s outlook for the future: Axie Infinity: Origin, which is expected to launch in a few weeks.

Delphi Digital has described the game as a “fully reinvented version of the well-known Axie Battles game,” according to a recent article.

Several new game mechanics will be introduced in Origin to improve the player experience, including free starter Axies to entice new players to the game, a revised storyline that adds depth to the game, and active cards for the head and ears. • Players will also be required to burn a native SLP token in order to obtain new in-game items, such as runes and charms that act as power-ups for Axies.