Top 3 trending nft card games in 2022

Top 3 trending nft card games in 2022

If you love playing card games, I think you need to take it to another level. Gone are the days when people play card games for fun alone. But nowadays, the gaming industry does not relentlessly contribute massively to the world’s growth and development. These days, games have gone beyond having fun. People make money from playing games. The innovations in the game industry expand to every aspect of gaming.

Do you know that you can play and earn while playing adventure games and also play and earn playing pegaxy too? As adventure games are ruling the world, nft card games are also doing well. Nft games are not only taking over the blockchain space without increasing their followers. So, part of the nft gaming industry’s plan is to find a way to retain their existing followers and get new ones. Then, they spread their tentacles to every aspect of games. For instance, if you love football, there are nft football games. Also, if you love card games, there are nft card games. That’s good news for card game lovers.

Are you a card game lover? Are you looking for a card game to compensate you with something profound and tangible? You’re in the right place. Here, I will explain nft card games that will pay you with digital assets you can exchange or convert to money. It is not impossible. And I am not bringing something new. The games I’ll be talking about here are games that exist. The only thing here is that I did thorough research to bring out the best of the rest. 

Top 3 trending nft card games in 2022

There are several nft games. But not all of them are card games. And not all nft card games are play-to-earn games. Therefore, I urge you to pay attention and follow me closely. But before I proceed, I want us to talk about what nft games entail. Why do you need to know the meaning of nft games? There’s a need for background knowledge. Moreover, you need complete information on what you want to do. 

What are nft games? 

Nft games are games connected with blockchain technology. With their connections with blockchain technology, players can play these video games and earn tangible rewards. Now, how possible is that? The relationships between blockchain technology and the nft gaming world make it possible for gamers to trade their in-game digital assets on the blockchain marketplace. Of course, the exchange will be with users with the same digital assets. The digital assets could be in the form of real estate, coins, and skins. So, now, gamers can play games and earn NFTs or crypto coins that can be traded with other users with the same currency or non-fungible tokens. 

Who are those that are eligible to play these games? Of course, adults. Any adults that love to play games in their leisure time can enjoy the benefits of nft games. In this article, my focus is to pick out the best nft card games. 

Top 3 trending nft card games in 2022

Top 3 popular nft card games

  1. Sorare: Sorare is a soccer card game. This unique nft game is strictly meant for football lovers. If you’re a fan of the football world and you like playing card games, you need to know more about Sorare. Sorare is a fantasy football nft game. Furthermore, Sorare is on the ETH blockchain like Axie Infinity. In this game, players can partake in missions and fight battles with the best tactics in the world. Players’ goal in this unique game is to create a strong deck and organize their cards against opponents. Hence, only the team that performs excellently will be rewarded. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to playing nft card games and love football, you can choose to play Sorare. I assure you, you won’t regret playing this game. Do you need more information on Sorare? Click here.   
  1. Splinterlands: Another trending nft card game ruling the game industry is the Splinterlands. Today, I can assure you that people make money daily on Splinterlands. This unique nft game is a card game that is payable on HIVE. This fantastic game permits players to use the free demo to have an idea about

Try these play to earn gaming

Try these play to earn gaming

Why not try some free NFT play to earn gaming if you’re looking for a new sort of gaming experience? They use the power of blockchain technology to mix having fun and generating money! Which one do you think you should start with?

We’ll show you our top free-to-play selections right now, thankfully. In addition, we’ll go through what NFT play to earn gaming are and how they work. Before you download your first NFT game, double-check these.

Blockchain technology is transforming the globe right now, and it isn’t just about bitcoin. More specifically, blockchain-based play to earn gaming is revolutionizing the gaming business. They might give alternate income streams while also demonstrating the impact of blockchain on our society.

Axie Infinity is at the top of the list

Let’s start with a title that has a lot of traction in the Philippines. Axie Infinity is a smartphone game created by Sky Mavis in Vietnam that matches your digital pet team against other gamers.

Try these play to earn gaming

If you’re familiar with Pokémon, you’ll feel right at home. To gain games, though, it integrates aspects from trading card games. As an example, pretend you’re a brand-new Axie Infinity player.

The Axie Marketplace is where you get your first animals. The cost could surprise you. At the time of publishing, they were worth between $150 and $200!

So how is this a no-cost NFT game? This is made possible by scholarship schemes, and seasoned Axie players may lend their Axies to novices. Members of social media networks are these selfless people.

On Facebook, for example, there are Axie Scholarship groups. A long list of applications awaits you, each of which starts with a brief introduction and the applicant’s reasons for applying.

For the first time, Axies are handed to the borrower. The lender obtains a share of the borrower’s earnings in exchange. This has shown to be an effective method of surviving the pandemic for Filipinos.

According to a mother of three who was included in a mini-documentary, it was a big help. “It [Axie Infinity] took care of our daily needs, paid our bills, and paid off our debts,” she said.

Gamers acquire Smooth Love Potions (SLP) by competing against computer-controlled opponents or other players. Meanwhile, certain incidents provide AXS or Axie Infinity Shards to gamers.

Both are virtual currencies that may be exchanged for fiat currency. If you look at other blockchain-based play to earn gaming, you’ll see that they all have a similar income model for players.

Try these play to earn gaming


Another free NFT game in the Pokémon franchise. Rather of using your whole squad, you play with each individual. Furthermore, this game can only be played on a computer.

Each monster or Binamon gives you one hour to play with. Then you move and attack using the W, A, S, and D keys. The goal is to beat specific opponents in order to progress to the next level.

When you face off against an adversary, it will reveal one of the following elements: Fire, Light, Water, Forest, Physical, or Quantum. To hit the opponent, quickly press the relevant button.

You receive points when you win. But make sure you keep going. The adversary lowers your one-hour game time if you hit the wrong key or take too long, resulting in lower profits!

Your first digital pets, like Axie’s, must be purchased. Using BMON and Z1, you buy a booster pack featuring a variety of pets. Alternatively, you may buy a particular one from the Discord website.

The scholarship system is another point of comparison. Binamon players, like Axie Infinity players, may rent their virtual pets and earn money from borrowers.

On August 28, 2021, Binamon, a team located in Argentina, introduced this play to earn gaming model. Because it’s just a few months old at the time of writing, it’s not as well-known as Axie.

The Binamon team, on the other hand, seems indifferent about this, focused instead on improving the game’s usefulness and earning potential. If you give it enough time, it might shine as brilliantly as Axie Infinity and beyond!

What is the definition of an NFT?

Are you excited to play your first NFT game for free? Before you …

The Three Kingdoms: play to earn game

The Three Kingdoms: play to earn game

Axie Infinity outlined what a good blockchain game should be, while CryptoKitties pioneered blockchain gaming. With their succeeding generations, the Three Kingdoms aspire to expand on this basis. The Three Kingdoms is a third-generation non-linear time strategy (NFT) game meant to be played for the purpose of play to earn games.

Gaming Technology’s Next Generation

What exactly does the new era of play to earn games entail? The TTK team believes that the current generation of NFT play to earn games provides little options for players to profit. They also have a restricted amount of gameplay alternatives, as well as archaic and cartoony looks.

The Three Kingdoms team set out to build blockchain-based play to earn games that allow users to earn tokens in ways that have never been seen before in the GameFi industry. Furthermore, they provide a realistic gaming experience that is more in line with the AAA play to earn games to which we have become used. Learn more about playing axie infinity.

To achieve this, The Three Kingdoms will include high-resolution graphics and a feature-rich game in which players may collect NFT characters, complete quests, and play siege play to earn games to earn NFTs.

The Three Kingdoms: play to earn game

The Three Kingdoms will also be the first game to integrate the notion of battling and sieging towns with a complex, interesting storyline, giving the GameFi universe a fresh lease of life.

Players may also host, stake, and monetize events inside the game. Create a base, expand your area, improve your character’s abilities, win battles, and prevail in both PVE and PVP warfare.

The History of the Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdoms is set about 220 AD, during the last years of the Eastern Han empire. In an effort to survive, the Yellow Turban Rebellion began, with cities and regions coming together. Dong Zhuo, a warlord who took control of the city under the pretence of protecting the young emperor Cao Cao, who had gradually gained control of territories in the north, rescued the emperor and seized control of the central government. Nonetheless, newly formed clans are already battling for dominance of China.

Cao Cao ruled the north, Sun Quan ruled the south, and Liu Bei ruled the west, and China was swiftly divided into three zones of authority. The three fought for sixty years to conquer China, and here is where the player’s quest begins.

The Three Kingdoms’ region is based on China’s ancient geography, which is separated into three areas: Wei, Shu, and Wu. The space will be divided into several squares. These assets also act as venues for hosting, staking, and monetizing events. To combat and expand your zone, conquer and take control of your base of operations.

What Does The Three Kingdoms’ Future Hold?

Fans of play to earn games and NFT who want to transform the crypto landscape and be a part of something bigger were sought by the Three Kingdoms team.

The Three Kingdoms is almost finished, with plans to release passive gameplay in Q4 2021. Players will be able to acquire NFTs in what is being labeled “phase zero” by recruiting heroes from the peripheral. In addition, in 2022 (‘phase one,’) the business plans to bring new gameplay components, such as the ability to attack vacant cities (stake NFTs) and seize cities (earn APY, in-game cash, and NFTs).

The Three Kingdoms: play to earn game

PvP will be available in ‘Phase two,’ with players able to attack and defend cities. The winner receives an annual percentage yield (APY), money, NFTs, and attributes after both the attacker and the defense stake NFTs.

Finally, active gameplay will be added in ‘phase three,’ through the arena and contests. Players will be able to use their NFTs to compete against other players in a winner-take-all battle.

In relation to the Three Kingdoms

Collect your favorite characters from the Three Kingdoms and battle for a piece of territory that is all yours.

The Three Kingdoms is a third-generation NFT game based on the “Three Kingdoms” legend. Prepare to be engaged in a gaming experience rich in history, well-developed play to gain characters, and progressive gameplay. To expand your own area, prepare your men for battle, siege cities, and beat opponents.

How Does It Work